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After a nice walk through the valleys and mountains of East Tyrol, you may relax and fish your own dinner in the private fish pond. You may get the fish barbecued on the spot by the chef personally. There is an idyllic atmosphere around the pond which is surrounded by trees and where wild ducks live. Here is the ideal place to relax and rest, right in the nature of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

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Hotel Hohe Tauern

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The mountains... an experience!

Grossglockner (3.798m), the Krimmler waterfalls, the 9-km-long Pasterze of Grossglockner as well as the Zedlacher paradise and the Innergschlöss are only some of the breathtaking beauties of this area. The management of the Hohe Tauern National Park offers special travels, trekking tours, wild animal observations (e.g., bearded vulture) for enthusiasts as well as project weeks for school classes.

Mountains and water... unique!

In the wonderful mountain and water world Osttirols, there is much to see, but above all much to experience. How about a breathtaking canyoning tour or an adventurous rafting tour in the Isel river.



We offer the suitable program and the best equipment to experience directly the impressive sports world of Eastern Tyrol. Our outdoor camp is in the small village Unterpeischlach. With us, you are all very welcome!